Confezione Cantuccini e Panpepato


    In our laboratory we produce the biscuits of Florence, “I CANTUCCINI”, this biscuit is a must have on the tables of the Florentines every season of the year and is accompanied by Vin Santo, a typical regional sweet wine, its origins date back to 1600. It is baked and sliced immediately right after, inside you will find almonds that match perfectly with the dough.

    “Panpepato” is an ancient pastry, typical of the pastry tradition of Siena, its name derives from the fact that back in the days, poor people of our beautiful countryside, with the kitchen leftover, ie dried walnuts, hazelnuts, dried figs and a little bit of cooked sugar, they made this sweet, and to give it a more pleasing taste put the famous Tuscan spices. Nowadays it has been enriched with dark chocolate and pink pepper.

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    The package consists of:
    Cantuccini with almond gr.250
    Cantuccini with almond and Chocolate gr.250
    Panpepato gr.500e

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    Weight 1 kg